Monday, October 22, 2007


Not a pretty picture I know, but this is a perfect example of what the cows are doing to my run out stall in my barn!! I like cows, I really do. They are pretty in their own way, fun to have around and actually they deter coyotes. I love having a freezer full of beef and knowing what that beef was fed before it reached my freezer. But they are destroying my run out stall!!!

I tried convincing my husband this weekend that we don't need more cows after these are gone. He says he likes the cows...I say WHY? He says he just likes having them. Well, how do I argue with that when I have my sheep and want more sheep? I can't. He has always been so good about helping me get things done with the sheep and encouraging me to do the things I enjoy. So more cows will about we build the cows their very own shelter...IN THE PASTURE...where they can't get into the barn? That of course would leave more room for my sheep! That sounds like a great idea to me. I'm working on it..wish me luck.

We think that is a great idea!!

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