Friday, October 19, 2007

Mass chaos!!

Can somebody tell me where I am suppose to be? The storm that went through last night messed everything up!! We were all in our nice little breeding groups and the next thing I know, everyone is all mixed up!! HELP!! Everyone just stop right there! Back to your breeding groups right this minute!

I think I am suppose to be in there!

Ok...this is better...everyone is back in their right pens. UM...are we suppose to know which ram that was last night?

Sheep are so complicated...I don't care where any of them are as long as they stay out of my pen!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh dear! Does this mean you are going to have to DNA-test all the lambs? Or maybe you can wait till the lambs are born; if none of them arrive within the window of getting bred that night, you can rest easy.

sheila said...

You're right..I'll just wait and see when the babies are born and then test if the dates are questionable..oh well...stuff happens....glad you're back.