Monday, October 8, 2007

Thank you Columbus for the 4 day weekend!

I don't recall ever getting out of school for Columbus Day but my kids have always had a 4 day weekend because of the great explorer. We had a busy but great 4 day weekend. We went to visit my daughter in college. It was Dad's weekend so she took her dad to the football game then we all went out to eat. Sunday I went and got this ram who I have leased from Gail. I was very tempted to buy him but leasing seemed like a great idea since I really don't NEED another ram.
I enjoyed a short visit with Gail and then back to the house to watch the Colts...GO COLTS!!
Today my son (and Lucy) helped me round up all the sheep. We wormed everyone and trimmed feet. It was an exhausting day but I am very glad to have it all done. I went ahead and put all the breeding groups together so I am set and ready to go. Tomorrow I sub for Kindergarten. That will probably be more exhausting than anything I did all weekend!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a handsome gulmoget!

shepherdchik said...

I love the nice wide horns on that ramling.

sheila said...

I love him too. I am thankful Gail let me lease him...I think he will give me some nice babies!!