Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Lamb Pictures

Time to catch up on lamb pictures. My Internet provider has been unreliable as usual so I have been spending all my time outside. I've been mulching all my flower beds. I had several plants die last year and when I pulled them out, I noticed they had moldy looking mulch around them so I raked the old stuff out and put all new down. I have so much area to cover that I can't afford to buy it in bags so I used my trailer and bought it by the scoop full. Unfortunately, that means I have to shovel it all out into a wheel barrow and then dump it that way. It is a lot more work but also a lot less costly. It is good to have it all done. Now if I can just keep up with the mowing maybe I can get my house clean!
The lambs are growing so fast! I have loved looking at everyone's lamb pictures so I thought I would show a few of my new babies and a few of the older ones. This is a little ewe lamb I named Patsy. My grandpa who died before I was born raised sheep. My mom has several old black and white photos of her as a little girl with her dad and the sheep. So, I decided to name some of my sheep after some of my family. My moms name is Patsy...I'm not sure if she would be flattered or not! I think this little girl is a doll.

This is a ram lamb, Amos, was named after my grandfather. He is solid moorit and he is gorgeous! He is very correct and has nice crimpy fleece. I think he may be a keeper.

This was one of the first lambs born. His fleece looks great and he has nice straight legs and a tiny tail. His name is Wishbone and he will be for sale as I have a surplus of black lambs this year.

This is the latest set of twins born. One boy, one girl but no names yet..I'm running out of ideas! I still have 2 sheep who haven't had their babies yet. They look enormous and by my calculations, they have to have them by May 3rd. Lambing has been great fun this year. The babies have been so spread out that it really hasn't been stressful at all.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I don't see any horns on Amos; is he polled? He looks like a little tank; nice! And Patsy IS adorable, even with her head behind a pipe. :-)

sheila said...

I don't know much about the polled rams Michelle. This guy has little "nubs". I've been watching him to see what they do. His mother even has horns so I don't know if that is even possible!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Yes, there seem to be separate genes for "polled ram/polled ewe" (Pp), horned ram/hornless ewe (pp), and horned both sexes (pp'). A ewe can be horned because of pp' but carry and pass on a Pp gene to her son.

Nancy K. said...

Any more lamb yet?

And where are the updated photos of your "Kiss" boy????