Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Projects and Waiting for Babies

I have been making these balls of roving for a braided rug I am starting. I do this ahead of time to hopefully save time while braiding the rug. I separate the roving into 3-5 feet lengths to keep it from tangling while braiding. This is not even close to being all of it I will need but it is a good start. The colors didn't turn out in the picture but it is a combination of gray, black iset and brown. All that roving for a 3x5 rug!

I finally finished the blue/white mohair scarf I have been weaving. I had a hard time finishing it because the mohair was very hard to weave. It is very sticky! The final look is nice but it is not very soft and probably too scratchy to actually wear. It is probably the way I wove it..too tightly. A looser weave would probably given a softer finished product. I guess that is how you learn! The brown, black scarf is alpaca with a white cotton..very soft. The other plaid (did I mention I have a thing for plaids?) is a wool scarf.

I keep checking on the girls, any day now. Is anyone else this excited about lambing?


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Found you through Michelle's blog! I have seen people wear scarves around the collar of a coat, you could wear it that way. It is very pretty and would be a shame to waste that work and beauty :)
And YES I am as excited as you are about lambs lol, I even did a distraction post today, not that it will get me through until mid March, but hey, worth a try :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm not excited about lambs yet because I'm still not sure if anyone is pregnant! Rechel looks like it a bit, but she's not huge. She had twins her first lambing, so I would expect her to twin again if she's bred.