Sunday, July 8, 2007


I finally got around to finishing my rug. It ended up being about 3' in diameter. I thought I would make an oval rug but once I figured out where I was going to put the rug, I decided the round would work best. I really enjoy making the rugs but WOW do they take a lot of roving! I think I will need quite a few more sheep if I want to make many rugs!
I separated the ram lambs today from the others and before I could get to the ewe lambs, the temporary fence broke and off they went to the pasture. It was too hot to chase anyone around so the girls will have to wait for another day.
This halter training has me soooo frustrated. The lambs will come up to me and practically beg to be petted and then you put a halter on them and they become possessed! I am seriously considering not taking them to the fair if it doesn't get better soon. I thought by now it would be going better than it is. Any tips?

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