Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spinning Woes

I finally got around to spinning some of my wool from Laverne and Shirley (my Merinos). It is soooooo soft. This is only the first spool from 2 gigantic bags of roving I have in my basement. I still can't get over how much roving I got from 2 sheep! And this is still last years wool so I have that much again in the garage waiting to be sent off.

I have had problems with my wheel not taking the roving and it shows in one of the strands here. It just doesn't have the twist it should. Everyone at my spinning group has looked at my wheel but none of us seem to be able to get it working right. I think I will hold off spinning more until I can figure something out because I'm not very happy with the results and I really want to make this sweater. It is a pattern from Made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood. much little time.