Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Pics - 1

I'm only going to post 1 ugly picture and then I am done with the negative stuff. This is what the pasture looks like after the water dropped. I am still waiting to see if it comes back. I have 50 bales of hay in the loft to use until I figure out what I'm going to do with all these sheep. They have a small area to graze (inside the black fence) for now. If you look beyond that you'll see what use to be corn and wheat. We were able to get out yesterday using our normal route to town and then they closed it today because the road is unstable so we are back to a 45 minute trip to town..but anyway...that is not much of an inconvenience compared to so many others here so I am aggravated with myself when I get aggravated....

It has been interesting talking to people about their experiences during the flood and one lady I spoke with said something that kind of surprised me. I asked her how close the water came to her house and she didn't get my landscaping..She was obviously grateful it didn't get into her house but just the fact that she was thinking about her flowers kind of made me laugh. We wait all winter for those first greens of spring and anxiously await those first blooms so yeah..I get didn't get her great! So I thought I would share a few blooms of my own..

The kittens are taking a nap here and they now live in the sunroom...because....our new puppy seems to think they are chew toys. Yes...just what I need in the middle of all this flooding and cleanup and 40 mile trips to town...a new puppy. Don't even ask..... His name is Reggie and my son says he is a Labrador Receiver and he is named after his favorite receiver...Reggie Wayne of the Colts. At least he was free...ya right..