Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dreaming of Summer...all year

This is a picture I took last Summer of an orange daisy. I was on an orange kick and every flower I bought was orange. I'm posting it to brighten your winter day and to remind myself that, God willing, summer will return. Maybe you like winter.......I do not. I spent the first 30 years of my life in a place where a sweatshirt was the heaviest winter coat required. I want to live there again. If I did not have kids in school and worry about uprooting them and causing who knows what kind of horrible, irriversable damage to them and their teenage social lives (this is of course how they view it)...I would move tomorrow. I will no doubt move the moment my youngest flies the coop. Of course by then, my oldest will have moved back, married and started a family and I will not be able to leave my grandchildren. I know, I know...I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but this is how I think when winter is here. I know it is necessary. I know God created the world and each season has a purpose. I know creation needs a rest. I will even admit snow can be pretty when it is falling, but after that initial thrill of, "Oh, it is pretty!", it just gets ugly and dirty and makes everything a mess!! I'm sorry, this was not suppose to be a negative post but a cheery, orange, bright post... This is my buddy, Dixie. She is 8 years old and still acts like a puppy. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed but she loves us and she has been a great pal to my son. She still turns in circles at feeding time all the way from the house to the barn.. I hope I have that much energy when I'm...what would it be?...56. She is a good girl and everyone loves her....except the mail man.

This is my cat, Marla. As you can see, she hates winter too. She is a deck cat. She was suppose to be a barn cat, but she decided she would rather be a deck cat, which is fine. She occasionally finds her way to the hay loft to warm up on winter days. Marla had a brother, Marvin, but he ran out of the corn field at the wrong time and he is no longer with us. My daughter and I brought them home from a trip to the nursery to buy plants 2 years ago. The people who owned the nursery were annoyed by them and kept kicking them out of the way, so we asked if we could have them and they very excitedly agreed.
I also have a house cat and I would post her picture but I have only seen her a couple of times in the 9 years she has lived with us. She is my daughter's cat and basically lives in her room full time. She seems to have no desire to broaden her herizons nor does she need any humans in her life besides my daughter. I think she is very weird and kind of creepy but my daughter loves her...hopefully enough to take her when she goes off to college in a year and a half. Hope you have a wonderful, winter day.......I'm trying