Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Sheep

We have 3 new additions to the farm.  Only two are shown for now.  The little ram lamb I bought (an emsket kat) is more interested in having his chin scratched than in having his picture taken. I could not get him far enough away from me to get a decent picture and finally gave up.  The little girl above is a mioget ewe lamb.  She let me touch her today for the first time so we are making progress. 
This little ewe lamb is grey with a beautiful mixture of dark and light grey spots on her.  They all came from Under The Son Farm in Indiana.  We brought them home about a week ago and they have settled in nicely.  My son (with his driving permit) drove me the two hours, so we had a nice long lesson as well.  I was amazed at all the beautiful sheep and their fleeces.  She showed me her beautiful keeper lambs as well.  I am thankful there are such dedicated breeders out there producing these wonderful sheep and breeding for great conformation, great fleeces and and great personalities.  She was a wealth of information as well and helped me pick out lambs that will help me reach my breeding goals.