Monday, November 5, 2007

Projects, projects and more projects

This is what happens when I make a trip to the yarn shop. I end up getting carried away. The closest place for me to buy good yarn is about 1 1/2 hours away, so I tend to stock up when I go. I bought this gray Shetland/Angora blend along with a red Merino/Alpaca blend to make a plaid scarf. I really love plaids and have to make myself try other things occasionally.

I bought this white and blue Mohair because I have never worked with it before and thought it would make a beautiful scarf as well. I'm hoping they turn out nice enough to give as gifts for Christmas. That would justify all the money I spent on the yarn!

My shawl turned out pretty good. It is the widest thing I have made on my loom so far. It is very soft and cozy. After I make the scarves, I want to learn to double weave. I have always wanted to make throw blankets and I love the look of the Woolrich wool blankets. All those stripes and plaids!